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Strong foundation is lay with reliable building blocks. We form business partnership with capable organisations with proven track records. Working together to bring you best in class products and services.



Digital Agency

With over 20 years of digital design and web development. WhooshPro has a proven track records, bringing aesthetics and functionality together to create an online experience that bridges the gap between you  and your audiences.


Party Space

Metaverse Platform

Party.Space is a metaverse platform for virtual corporate events and online communities.

We have found the formula for the most engaging online experiences:

✔️ 3D environment;

✔️ Video communication to build up engagement;

✔️ Engaging mechanics: quiz, reactions, built-in games


 Visitors compare our events with their favourite online games from their personal web browser.


Our objective is to deliver a completely new experience that inspires engagement during metaverse parties.


By working with industry-leading companies, Party.Space has made the list of top providers for microverse solutions for corporate and community outings, according to G2.

Host metaverse parties that are a hit.  



Metaverse as a Service

Frame makes an immersive collaboration space that works on desktop, mobile, or VR.

It is one of the easiest ways to host online meetings in virtual reality!


With our innovative platform, you can transport your audience to any location in the world, or even to outer space with our 3D Photospheres. You can also share your webcam, browser, and avatar at the same time.

There is so much you can do with Frame!

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